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Want to make big savings on Mercedes-Benz maintenance?

For affordable Mercedes-Benz servicing, repair and sales in Belfast call Auto-Benz Motor Factors today.

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Luxury without expense

Buying and running a Mercedes-Benz can be an expensive business. Are you looking for a way to cut the costs?


If you want the best service possible for your pride and joy at great prices, call Auto-Benz today.

We're Mercedes mad

Got spare parts to sell?

Total diagnostic service

Is your Mercedes-Benz suffering from digital system troubles?


Our auto diagnostic centre is well equipped with technology especially for Mercedes models. So whatever your problem we'll root out the cause and get it solved too.

Here at Auto-Benz Motor Factors we're always on the lookout for used Mercedes-Benz parts.


So if you've got an old or scrap Mercedes, why not call us today to get it cleared away and turned into cash for you?

We believe that Mercedes-Benz are the best quality cars on the market today. That's why we specialise in them and only them.


If you're looking a firm who share your passion for Mercedes you're in the right place.

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